2016 Toyota Fortuner TRD: Designed with New Look, More Stylish & Comfortable


Toyota Motor USA has officially launched the 2016 Toyota Fortuner TRD Sportivo. Fortuner TRD Sportivo himself known as a sporty variant is also embedded in other Toyota products. Fortuner TRD Sportivo received various refresher that makes it increasingly sporty than usual variants. As reported NationalPost, Thursday (10/03/2016), Toyota upgraded the sector to polish the exterior grille and roof using black paint. 20-inch rims are also given a touch of black so thick felt more sporty aura. As a differentiator, pinning Toyota TRD Sportivo logo on the tailgate and the exhaust pipe. Read Also : Toyota Fortuner 2017 Specification and Price

The interior is no less sporty, 2016 Toyota Fortuner upholstery wrapped using black leather combined with red color. The instrument panel with a new design so it looks more modern. In addition, Toyota upgraded audio system and T-Connect cabin Infotainment. Refresher offered Toyota limited to exterior and interior parts, the machine has not changed. In USA, the latest Fortuner is equipped with a 2.8 liter turbo diesel engine. The engine is coupled to a six-speed automatic transmission is able to issue a power of 177 hp.

Before starting the engine, the first impression into the cabin and watched the dash layout is luxurious and macho. It goes without takes longer time to admire, setting electrically seat and adjust the position of the steering wheel up and down and back and forth. Okay, push the button Engine Start Stop, diesel sufficiently distinctive voice can be suppressed well by damping and advanced technology of the engine All New 2016 Toyota Fortuner.


Hit the gas pedal a little car was able to drive fast and feels light invited accelerated (use Normal mode). When splitting congestion in Dallas who need to stop and go was not to be too much for a large torque (400 Nm) and can be reached at fairly low engine rotation; 1600-2000 rpm. Now push the Eco Mode, accelerated somewhat restrained although still comfortable to use in urban road conditions. The use of a 2.8 liter engine gives proof to all fans Fortuner that they still survive and will compete with other such vehicles.

In fact, to stop and go no need to be too hard to press the gas pedal deeper. Even so, it is advisable not to operate Sport mode when driving on city streets. For acceleration so crazy and fast, stepped on a little car in motion. So, feel throb and make passengers uncomfortable. Fortuner TRD Sportivo is also equipped with the latest TRD Sportivo suspension and disc brakes on all four wheels. 2016 Toyota Fortuner seems to be a ruler in the medium class of SUV market in the USA.