2017 1500 Silverado: Modern Powerful Truck


2017 1500 Silverado is a powerful truck which comes with a brand new version which has been upgraded and improved better than its previous version. One of the reasons which make this truck one of a kind is that it comes from auto manufacturer which has been established and many auto publishers expect that this car will feature high quality materials. The look of the car has been designed with a modern design and applying high quality materials in order to make this truck looks impressive. The brand new 2017 1500 Silverado also features world-class interior which comes with modern technologies. This truck has been powered with a powerful engine that will produce power and also comes with great fuel economy.

2017 1500 Silverado Design

A couple of improvements have been applied for this truck such as mesh grille which has been redesigned in order to make this car looks attractive. This 2017 1500 Silverado also comes with pair of double headlights that are located on the edges of the front area which is supported with turning lights which are placed on the outer sides. This truck also features a great bumper which has been covered by chrome that will be great in order to protect the important features on the front end and also making this car looks aggressive. Meanwhile, the bumper of the car also comes with triangular-shaped fog lights that reduce the reflective lights effects particularly while riding this car in foggy and rainy conditions. The 2017 1500 Silverado also comes with tail lights which are located in the back area that are shapelier and sharper in order to make this back-end of this car looks more impressive.

2017 1500 Silverado release date

2017 1500 Silverado comes with interior which is featured with a couple of luxurious features. The interior of this car comes with high quality material which is made with leather, genuine wood, and aluminum. This truck also features adjustable seats that are covered with soft animal hide in order to offer drivers with optimum comfort. This company also gives comfort interior to this car which is a modern HVAC system that works great in order to keep the temperature of the interior in the standard level. This brand new truck also offers entertainment systems to connect different devices easily through Bluetooth, WI-Fi, 4G internet, USB ports and smart phone integration. The dashboard of the car comes with green color screen which is applied in order to control navigations of the car.