2017 1500 Silverado: Most Wanted SUV in USA


In the United States, a truck-type vehicle is one of the most sought-after consumers. Not surprisingly, car manufacturers such as Chrysler Group, Ford, and GM race to release a flatbed car with superior. If you know 2017 1500 Silverado, you will not be surprised. Even foreign manufacturers, such as Honda, Nissan, and Toyota did not miss to rush into this segment.

One truck which is awaited by US public next year is the latest generation of the Chevrolet Silverado. And after passing through a long trial, finally General Motors (GM) as the parent corp of Chevrolet Silverado officially introduced the latest 2017 1500 Silverado to the audience. According to Chevrolet, the latest Silverado was developed to be a pick-up of the most robust and reliable. Not only that this car is claimed to be far more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly.

On the exterior, Chevrolet presents design stout and sturdy, but still pay attention to aesthetics. Chevrolet designers on its front headlights feature four-storey with a circle that has become the hallmark of Chevrolet truck product output since the 1970s.

Other exterior element that is the legacy of the previous generation is a grille with a horizontal line in the middle so it looks as if split in two. But the manufacturers do a little modification to the grille on the new Silverado looks bigger and has a honeycomb motif. To show the impression of luxury, Chevrolet added chrome accents on the front bumper as a whole.

Compared with its competitor, the Ford F-150, it looks very muscular and strong. This is thanks to front and rear fenders are prominent and outside rearview mirror is large. Not only that selection of tire sizes of 17 inches to 20 inches are able to make the car look more awesome. To line the curve of the vehicle body, the Chevy claims that 2017 1500 Silverado more aerodynamic so the impact on the numbers of smaller wind resistance. To the rear of this car has a simple and elegant look with new taillights and rear bumper chrome accented.

On the rear bumper Chevrolet offers CornerStep that allows us to reach the items in the tow without having to open the door and struggled to reach them. Tow capacity is also improved so that we can carry more goods. Beneath the hood, the latest engine generation named EcoTec3 will give massive effect. 2017 1500 Silverado offers a V6 engine with a capacity of 4300 cc and two V8 engine capacity of 5,300 cc and 6,200 cc. Unfortunately Chevrolet did not specify how the energy released from each of them. But they claimed only more efficient, but also has more power and torque are abundant.