2017 Acadia: Lighter, Shorter, But Stronger, See What GMC Has Done Here


2017 Acadia is the Acadia latest generation that comes with greater quality than the previous generation, including for performance and design owned. This is a car that is undergoing some changes and improvements are intended to achieve the desired look. As we know, Acadia is one of the brands of cars that have great qualities that we cannot dismiss granted. In the latest Acadia cars, we will get the maximum comfort even when we have to drive in a long time. There is enough space for legs and heads that we can get better for the front row and back row which is not necessarily will we would get at similar type of cars. Cars that can accommodate 8 passengers is indeed remarkable and soon became one of the cars are so popular.

The design

2017 Acadia is expected to have a much larger size when compared to its competitors in the same segment. Another interesting thing is that we can get a large enough storage space in the car, which certainly will help us carry luggage in greater numbers. We will also have some very important safety features to keep us in a state of safe and secure while driving using the car. In addition comes with many standard features, we can also get some optional features that can be tailored to the needs and tastes of their respective owners.


The performance

In 2017 Acadia engine that used was 3.6 L V6 LLT high feature that is also used in the Cadillac CTS is capable of issuing power of 288 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque with a 6-speed transmission programmed which will provide speed and better mileage. To note for our additional information that the existing hard-wired transmission in 2017 Acadia providing 8% better execution and also more efficient at 4%. Other change that we can get the latest Acadia is a more diverse choice of colors making it easier for us to get a car with a color that we love. Prices are expected to be offered to a new Acadia ranged from $ 35,000 to $ 50,000 adjusted well as the trim level we choose. There are three trims are offered for 2017 Acadia namely SLE, SLT, and Denal. As for the timing of the release of the latest Acadia in 2017, many predicted that next year is the time to be chosen by the manufacturer Acadia to surprise the market with the cool car.