2017 Audi A4 with All-New Features Review


Reviewing the 2017 Audi A4 is never completed if we do not talk what happened with the 2017 model year. This model has full redesigned features. Thus, Audi A4 becomes hot once again on the market scene recently. With bigger design, it creates roomier feeling for the passengers. Although it has bigger design especially on interior, it does not make this car fat. It is even lighter than its predecessors. This luxury sedan offers full of enjoyments for the drivers obviously. Comfortable driving is the main goal of Audi to remake their A4 in this modern globalization. You may not get the feeling if you just take a look on the photos.

2017 Audi A4 Designs

When we see on the front of 2017 Audi A4, its trapezoidal grille cannot be ignored for sure. It has larger space too now. The angular lines of the body replace the current curve design which we can see on the last year model. Of course, we are still viewing some parts of this A4 which are similar with other models and predecessors obviously. If you want some big changes, we can find it inside the sedan. With all-new cabin features, this sedan comes with innovative features. Audi likely improves the quality of the cabin in order to give impressive driving experience for all passengers. As you can see, the MMI infotainment system has been revised. They give upgraded controller in this system now. Moreover, the Virtual Cockpit gauges will give the driver more information about the A4’s condition.

2017 Audi A4 Under the Hood

Going deeper to the engine of 2017 Audi A4, we found a new engine which is categorized as a 2.0 L four-cylinder engine with turbocharged system now. This engine is not shy to pumps 258 horsepower in AWD system. Based on our review, the 7-speed transmission is available with manual and automatic transmission. It gives more freedom for the customers in choosing their new Audi A4 obviously. For your information, this car is comparable with its main rival, the BMW 328i especially at 0-60 mph.

2017 Audi A4 Interior

2017 Audi A4 Safety Features

Small luxury sedan class belongs to the new A4 now. We have to appreciate Audi which gives better safety features right on the 2017 model. The collision warning is now improved for pedestrian and vehicle. Moreover, the braking system offers better touch for the driver. So, you can feel pretty well when you stop the sedan quickly or slowly. Meanwhile, there is also a rearview camera to help you in parking lot. Last but not least, the leather seating of 2017 Audi A4 comes with comfortable material on the cabin to make your long journey more enjoyable ad fun.