2017 Audi A6: New Competitors for Mercedes Benz and BMW


2017 Audi A6 comes as a car that built using platform similar to that used on the Ford D3/D4. The design of this car comes with a wheel base of 116 inches, which means 4 inches longer than similar cars such as the Ford Fusion. This course will give the room more comfortable for the feet and the cabin as a whole. The platform used was expected to bring the car to the aerodynamics and new power-train. As a manufacturer of luxury cars, this car currently trying to compete with its competitors in various aspects A6, including the performance of the car they make.

Engine and performance

This car was presented in 2017 as a model in 2017, but the release schedule could not be confirmed so we have to wait. However, we do not have to wait too long because 2017 was in sight. For the choice of used machinery, we will get 2017 A6 is packed with 4L V8 engines (for the base model). In addition there are other engine choices includes a 4L 6-cylinder and 4 L V8 with a choice of FWD and AWD versions. You can save your money and bank account to welcome this great car. You can be the first in its first release.


The cabin of this 2017 Audi A6 is so good and it could guarantee the satisfaction of the buyers to get more spacious and comfortable seat for drivers and passengers. If you think that the system of the interior feature is old, then you are wrong because Audi A6 comes with MMI control, four zone climate controls, multimedia interface, leather upholstery, Bluetooth connection, DAB radio and more. What makes this Audi A6 is cool is that there is still Alcantara interior and Valcona leather that makes the interior of this Audi is so elegant.

Exterior and safety

2017 Audi A6 is the latest generation of the A6 is offered at a price that is in the range of$ 44,000. This latest generation cars A6 comes with a wide choice of features is much more that will certainly make anyone who drove will gain experience and sensation that much more enjoyable. To attract more buyers, 2017 Audi A6 was created with bring a more modern design and attractive. You can see how great the look is. From the exterior, it has good looking wheel with 22 inch and yet the sharp edge of every inch of its body.