2017 Audi A6 is Still at The Top Rankings of Sedan


Talking about 2017 Audi A6, everyone must know about this midsize sedan for sure. Once again, Audi sticks to the original concept of A6 as luxury sedan. It may sound like boring for Audi lovers. But, this sedan is actually still more competitive in sedan market scene especially when we compare it with other flagship cars from other automakers. Moreover, this car has many rivals from around the world. The best thing is that the A6 is always on the top rankings. Audi has to define the new features in details for the 2017 because some rivals have already with similar features like the A6. For your information, this sedan is still the world-class record of the safety.

2017 Audi A6 Designs

If you hope the 2017 Audi A6 is very different with the previous model, you are wrong. Audi does not give major changes yet for the new A6. As a result, the design remains the same with the 2016 model. But, it does not mean there is no change after all. This time, Audi wants to boost some ponies and comfortable seating for the driver and passengers. The standard treatment has been fallen to the S-line by the way. The main change is also shown by the grille on the front. It looks like single frame with a large design. Like we said before, Audi should define the A6 features stronger than its rivals.

2017 Audi A6 Under the Hood

Going inside under the 2017 Audi A6 hood, there are two main engines that are offered for next year. The first one is a 2.0 L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. We have no further information about this engine yet. But, we predict that it is not less than 200 horsepower. Meanwhile, the second offering is a 3.0 L supercharged V6 engine which pumps out around 340 horsepower. All engines are provided with two gearboxes. They are seven- and eight-speed automatic transmissions. But, Audi also divides the drive system based on the transmissions. As we can see, the 7-speed gets FWD and the 8-speed gets the AWD.

2017 Audi A6 Release date

2017 Audi A6 Interior

Then, we are going inside the cabin of this luxury sedan. As we said before, Audi gives so much comfort for the interior. It can be obtained through the features of the seats here. For example are the front seats which have ample dimensions so far. It can fit with any heights of passengers and drivers. Thus, comfortable driving is yours right now. Meanwhile, the rear seats are also snugger than other rivals of 2017 Audi A6.

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