2017 BMW 3 series: Luxurious Mid Class Car Just For You


2017 BMW 3 series is the latest generation of the series3 series that comes with luxurious sedan design along with a few minor changes, including introducing some new features that will improve the overall performance of the car. This is a car that will be a rival to other luxury sedan cars from different manufacturers, including Audi and Mercedes. Many people have been curious about the new era of 3 series and fortunately, it comes in 2017 and it gives surprise with the upgraded engine and several refinements. If you are curious about this car new features, here are the things you need to see and compare when you have seen the details and the features.

Engine and performance

2017 BMW 3 series comes with several engine options that will give us the sensation of driving fun. For the base model, we will get a2.0L4-cylinder engine drive train is capable of generating power of240hp. Other engine options are the 2.3L4-cylinder engine capable of producing 275hp and 300lb-ft of torque. We also can get the 2017 3 series hybrid version that is supported by a 2.0L4-cylinder and3.7LV6petrolhybridin which the combination is capable of producing power of300hp and 277lb-ft of torque.


As for the interior of the car, we will find the touch screen is large enough on the dashboard, using My car Touch infotainment system, until the coating cabin made of high quality material that will enable the car to become a real competitor for similar cars. Those who want high quality material for both interior and exterior, this car become best option for that. Moreover, the cabin comes wider with great performance of the cabin and the seat. You will get high-quality material for the cover of the seat. When you want to modify, it is also easy to do it because you don’t need to spend more for the installation because everything is installed strongly and easily.


Exterior and safety

We will see that the exterior of the 2017 BMW 3 series comes with some significant changes where there are panoramic roof that will give pleasure while driving. In addition, we will get a new curve which makes the design more modern, headlights and rear lights that use LED, and rear that seem wider. The price offered for a luxury sedan without standing performance ranges from$ 35,001 to do a comparison with the prices offered by previous generations and to learn some of the changes that are owned.

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