2017 BMW 520 Specs, Engine and Release date


The Elegant 2017 BMW 520 is now sought by many people. Car has become a means of transportation that is quite popular today. Searching for cars is also not a difficult thing anymore, because the car companies always actively launching new products to meet market share. Cars in addition to being a means of transportation is also a place to show off, so a lot of people who buy luxury cars at exorbitant prices just to support his appearance. One vendor that has been worldwide luxury car is BMW. Car production always prioritizes luxury. Most recently the German vendor launched its newest product under the name BMW 520i. This article will outline the ins and outs of the car BMW 520i so that you can use as a comparison.

Engine and Performance

For those of you who are looking for a luxury car but has a good performance, 2017 BMW 520 is highly recommended to choose this car. In addition to good performance, this car is priced at an affordable price. With this car you can still be stylish but has a good performance. BMW 520i is here to answer your needs for a car that emphasizes comfort. Safety is also a good performance but has a quite affordable price.

Exterior and Safety

Luxury cars are always presented on each output from the German vendor. In the BMW 520i has a modern design is also stylish so it will show you the impression of luxury that has always characterized the output of cars BMW. Besides luxury, this car is also prioritizing the safety of its users so that the car is equipped with safety features which are very nice. Safety features such as air bags, stability control, ABS, immobilizer, and keyless entry. It is suitable for besides you get comfort is also the luxury of this car. You will still be safe with a variety of safety features.

In addition to the specifications, this article will also discuss price for this car. BMW 520i price is quite affordable, so you can have without having to spend deeply. Buying a car is not a difficult thing, but there are important things you should do before buying a car. It is to know the price in advance specifications as well as a comparison before dropping a decision to buy it. BMW 520i is priced 789 million rupiahs just so it is very suitable for those who expect a luxury car with good performance but at an affordable price.