2017 BMW 6 Series Convertible is Longer but More Powerful


As one of the key players in the midsize sport class, the 2017 BMW 6 Series convertible comes with two doors’ variants, 2-door convertible or coupe and 4-door Grand Coupe. With two more coupe and 2-door convertible, this sport car hits the dealership right now. Some reviewers claim that this BMW’s sports car does not have roomier interior like other convertible these days. Of course, BMW always brings something special for their lineup. As we can see, this convertible is able to provide much handling and powerful performance especially for 2017 model years. For your information, the 640i and 650i becomes the perfect choices for convertible lovers who exhaust with BMW super car in 2017.

2017 BMW 6 Series Convertible Smaller Trunk

In addition, the 2017 BMW 6 Series convertible has smaller space on its trunk rather than the Coupe or Grand Coupe models. The Coupe version offers 13 cubic feet of trunk. Meanwhile, the convertible version has just 12.3 cubic feet. The difference is around 0.7 cubic feet. It is just a slight number actually, but they have significant difference when we see on the pictures, right? Moreover, we need versatile convertible for our daily activities especially on the storage compartment. But, the lighter 6 Series is here now. For your information, this series is lighter around 500 pounds than its predecessors.

2017 BMW 6 Series Convertible Designs

Moving on the designs of 2017 BMW 6 Series convertible, we found some material combinations here such as titanium, magnesium and aluminum. That is why we got lighter body here. Furthermore, the frame is more delightful and sophisticated with this design. As a result, the wider stance is very significant here for the 6 Series. Talking about the length of this latest design, we got aerodynamic feels which gives more inches for the convertible version. It means that the cabin provide more legroom obviously. These efforts are necessary for BMW against the Porsche’s 911.

2017 BMW 6 Series convertible for sale

2017 BMW 6 Series Convertible Powertrain

Under its hood, the engine is more powerful than other 6 Series convertible. To be honest, this is the most anticipated engine for this convertible. But, we do not get any official information about the engine. It is highly expected that the 3.0 L turbocharged engine six-cylinder engine is the chosen one here for the 640i and 6040i X. We predict that the engine will be produced around 315 horsepower. Meanwhile, the 650i and 650i X will have 4.4L turbocharged V8 engine expectedly. It would be better if the eight-speed automatic transmission becomes the best mate of 2017 BMW 6 Series convertible engines.