2017 BMW M6: Empowered with 575 Horse Power, Suits Better for the Streets


BMW M Series is a sport car that has no doubt performance. BMW made a big overhaul in the latest series of M6 that will be launched in mid 2016. According to one source, BMW deliberately strengthened 2017 BMW M6 to be able to attract more buyers, especially in America. As one of the famous sports car, BMW would have its own market segment. They already have a fan base that is always waiting for the latest development of BMW series. The latest BMW M6 has some reinforcement in some sectors. If you are interested to know more clearly, let now see how the work done by BMW.

Exterior get a little overhaul compared with the previous series. Although BMW still always maintain grille style which is already becoming a special characteristic of BMW, but they always improve the aerodynamics of the body so that the front end design is always fixed over time. In addition to the front end, rear side is also getting an overhaul. Rear bumper designed shorter than ever to improve the air flow during a trip. In addition, the chrome accents are also used on the 19 inches alloy wheels. BMW M6 is available in two options, convertible and coupe.

Do you already feel confident with the outer appearance of the new BMW M6? Wait until you see underneath of the hood. 4,400 cc V8 engine twin-power ready to hit the streets. Through dyno test, this engine can produce power of 575 hp with 679 lbs-ft of torque. The remarkable ability of the BMW M6 will make up a few steps in front of another vehicle. Given the quality of these vehicles were among the other vehicle, then you can try to find the best solution that could be addressed through a range of options. Fuel economy ratings reach 14/20 mpg. While the top speed that can be achieved by the 2017 BMW M6 reaches 170 mph. The significant increase in power is not apart from the turn of multiple devices. It can be seen from the ECU, free-flow exhaust, up to the converters.


If you still doubt the ability of the engine, look at the cabin. BMW has always been known for the luxury they offer. Start from the upholstery to the dashboard which is made with the finest material. They have high quality leather to ensure passengers get the luxury. BMW control center technology is the main feature on the car that has a variety of functions. You can monitor the condition of the car through these technologies. The information will be displayed through 8-inch LCD on the dashboard.