2017 Cadillac Lineup Will Come This Summer with Fewer Trims


The 2017 Cadillac  lineup  is the next one of core luxury sedans which will be released by its automaker soon. For your information, this sedan with its brother the compact ATS are now on preparation especially for other German’s automakers to hit the top rank class in sedan lineup. As a result, this “up” model will have some new trims in order to give fresh feeling for the customers this year and so on. The most noticeable change is on the front fascia that has new horizontal chrome bar. This chrome is placed on its iconic grille. Meanwhile, the rear carries redesigned exhaust that makes this car sportier than before.

Engine and Prices

Another significant change of 2017 Cadillac  lineup is the way of its automaker in presenting the trims. If you look in details, all models have lower structure. Moreover, the trims are fewer than the predecessors. Based on our research, this car starts its price at $46,990 USD. In other words, it is more expensive than previous model. The one and the only engine is a 2.0 L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. This engine is also found on the higher trim, the CTS Luxury which is priced at $52,690.  If the customers need more power, they have an option 3.6 L V6 engine with additional budget around two thousand dollars.


The highest trim of 2017 Cadillac  lineup is the CTS Premium Luxury. Unlike others, this model has already 3.6 L engine with more additional features like rain-sensing wipers and many more. However, you have to dig your wallet deeper to buy this trim. It starts from $60,190. For your information, all models or trims are featured with 8-speed automatic gearbox with all-wheel drive system. This is actually similar with other sedans from other competitors. 8-speed is very common right now and also it happens for AWD system. Likely, Cadillac does not want to be outdated with their “Up”.


If you really need more speed, you can rely on the CTS VSport trim. For your information, this car has 420 horsepower and will be back for 2017 lineup. Although the design is mostly the same with previous VSport, the standard features follow the new CTS models. Those trims are available on the dealerships through this summer. The new technology is more concerned at the interior features. Meanwhile, the designs are just refreshed our eyes with catchy and modern styling. Overall, this luxury sedan meets our expectation to get modern sedan. The 2017 Cadillac  lineup is very sophisticated on all segment.