2017 Charger: New Dodge Weapon which Comes with Greater Engine


When we talk about an aggressive muscle car then make sure we pay attention to the latest from Chrysler’s car output namely 2017 Charger. This is one type of muscle car that has a different look with V8 and V6 engines as an option that could be considered. Actually, the latest release of Chrysler cars have been designed and manufactured since a few years ago, precisely in 2011. But the design is being developed so that the muscle car lovers will feel the difference from the car. By presenting different engine options, muscle car lovers are expected to get a driving sensation as expected.

The interior, exterior, and the machine

No more secret that the 2017 Charger car is claimed to be a much better and more aggressive than its predecessor. We’ll find a new chassis on this car, as well as owned by other car models – Challenger. Let’s talk more about the exterior and interior of this car. We will find a change in the area around the rear lights are extended so that the visual appearance for the better and attractive. As for the car interior, stylish and elegant impression so pronounced that the cabin has a premium look combined with a navigation system that experienced improvement from its predecessor. We will also have safety and infotainment system that is much better. Next, let’s talk about the engine of this latest Dodge Charger. To note, the 2017 series will have the same engine as the 2015 series, but the 2017 series certainly has some improvements that make it better. As previously mentioned, the 2017 Dodge Charger series is equipped with a powerful engine is a V6 and V8 which will give maximum performance when driven on the street.


The material and the release date

Then, what about the release date of the 2017 Charger? Well, if we so want to have it, then we have to be little patience because of the possibility of release could be in mid-2016 that is still quite long. When we look at the specs above, it will be better for us to wait for the 2017 Dodge Charger series, which certainly better, but if we cannot wait, then the 2017 Dodge Charger series could be the perfect choice to satisfy our desire to drive. The manufacturer of the Dodge Charger in 2017 series uses a lightweight material as the main material of the frame of the car. This will make the total weight of the car becomes lighter which is also applied to the series in 2016. They used a mixture of aluminum and fiber that is proven to make the weight of the car becomes lighter. There has been little improvement is applied to the series in 2017 given the 2016 series comes with performance and appearance are no less captivating.