2017 Chevy Traverse LTZ Reviews, Specs and Photos


2017 chevy traverse ltz is a Small SUV type car like the cars of this type that have been circulating in our country. Small SUV like this is suitable for urban areas with dimensions that are not too big and the ability to pass through the streets a little bit broken, and still able to drive in the countryside with a mild off road.

Engine and Performance

2017 chevy traverse ltz is different from the real. SUV is indeed intended to bulldoze heavy fields like soil plantation, mining, mountain roads, etc. that requires high specification enabled car that the average engine has a power above 165 hp and 4-wheel. Differences of small SUV and SUV we think that is clearly yes, namely in terms of the ability of the machine, the size of a car or dimensions, propulsion systems, the height of the car and another car tires usually form. So we can not expect it will be against the SUV Small SUV is certainly different as they both have advantages and disadvantages of each with a different designation.


2017 chevy traverse ltz is equipped with 7 Inch LED monitor screen, the monitor can function as an internet display because the car is already equipped with 4G-capable networks are built in and can be operated by using the touch screen 7-inch monitor. In addition the screen also for parking camera, monitoring features in cars such as Audio, AC, knowing the tire air pressure, for the phone and so forth. All variants are also equipped with an air filter system so that air can be cleaner, excellent storage facilities including coolers to store food in the car.

Exterior and Safety

All variants of 2017 chevy traverse ltz also are equipped with a rear camera, which is useful for parking the driver, 10 standard airbags, traction control, and a few other features we might not otherwise mentioned as fog lights, rear wiper, etc. Chevrolet has dimensions of length 4248 mm, width 1776 mm, height 2555 mm wheelbase. Its dimensions are similar to City Car. yes it’s why this is the car blend Crossover SUV and City Car that adopt the advantages SUV that can pass through terrain that is heavier and adopting the advantages City Car that is agile, economical, convenient to pass through the narrow streets in urban areas. At the front of the car was wearing a headlamp Halogen lighting with Automatic Exterior Lamp, while the fog lamps are only available for the one variant. All variants also equipped with rear wiper

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