2017 Chevy Truck SS Reviews and Pictures


Chevrolet called the best South Korean car manufacturers has re-emerged in our country with the new champ to always drive sales at the level of an SUV or Sport Utility Vehicle. It is touted as one among the replacement of the product in the segment MPV or Multi Purpose Vehicle in the Chevrolet Spin. However, when Spin assembled in our country, 2017 Chevy Truck SS will arrive in the condition or intact from South Korea. In addition, in our country it would come back in from India although it has not been ascertained by official way.

Written of Automotive site until now it is still the focus to drive compact SUV market represented by 2017 Chevy Truck SS. According to it, it is done because of that segment in question and claimed the center in a state that was developing. Beyond that, it also mentions that automotive exhibition arena is done as an interesting moment for the launching. Therefore, it is reported that this car is among arable Chevrolet product that is claimed to make visitors curious. The enthusiasm and appreciation for people to try or to test drive is great in the exhibition.

Engine and Performance

2017 Chevy Truck SS has dimensions that are the 4040x1735x1518. For the distance between the wheels are 2525 and the lowest distance was 130. Machine contained in his runway is 4silinder 16valve DOHC, 1.4 L.’s fuel system is equipped with multi-point injection. Power that can be generated reaches 100ps at 6000rpm and maximum torque of 130nm at 3000rpm.


For the interior, 2017 Chevy Truck SS has 5 seats to sit, and there trimmings audio system, headlamp, tail lamp, ignition immobilizer, anti-fog rear, air conditioning, power steering, central door lock, and much more. Chevrolet car price is quite affordable.


Exterior and Safety

More people are willing to come just to try this car.  Our country market today revolves around the figure of 200 million. Chevrolet is a car production from the famous car company Chevrolet, the design of the car this one has the look of aerodynamic and sporty and exclusive. The attractive design also appears on the front display as a 2017 Chevy Truck SS. The front of the car is equipped with a headlamp cool to facilitate motorists in driving the evenings. By its nature of car, this Chevrolet has a unique interest, that is, if the car typically does not have large luggage or narrow, this Chevrolet has individually adjustable luggage spacious space or flexible. Next on, steering rod car Chevrolet is designed with the latest models of the sporty RS steering wheel like race cars on the track flat bottom.

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