2017 Ford Escape: Bring You’re the Real Feel of SUV


2017 Ford Escape is brisk competition in the compact SUV segment of the country. If a new model enters our country, this model seems feasible so the choice. Indeed, there is no certainty who will be the representative of Ford in Indonesia after Ford Motor Indonesia decided to shut down its operations in the country. Well, while waiting for which party would be appointed as the sole distributor of Ford, you’ll want to listen to what the benefits of the Ford Escape models in 2017. Who knows the future of this model comes in our country.

Engine and Performance

Now we move on to engine and performance of Ford Escape 2017. Autoguide mentions that this SUV is equipped with two new engine options, namely a 1.5-liter turbo four-cylinder and 2.0-liter four-cylinder with twin-scroll turbocharger. Both of these variants are equally feature stop / start as standard equipment. Based on testing, feature stop / start is very soft and comfortable when operated. Then, the intelligent system can improve fuel efficiency by 4 to 6 percent while crossing the traffic, and will not be activated if the car is in extreme temperatures.


Switching to the interior or cabin, we did not see too many changes are made by Ford. But there is one interesting new features are found, the electronic parking brake. In the presence of this feature, the available empty space in the center consul who used to be a hangout handbrake lever. To fill this void, Ford made several storage areas. But unfortunately, to the phone size does not fit in the storage area. Even Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Do not get in, and iPhone 6 Plus possibility also can not. But not to worry, because there are other storage places that can carry phones, though its location is not near the USB port.


Exterior and Safety

We start from the exterior design. For this side, as reported from Autoguide, the biggest change is on the front grille which now makes this SUV attention. Grill amount of Escape looks more manly and handsome. 2017 Ford Escape seen with a new look, the Ford Escape SUV like a skilled bulldoze rough terrain. Cool impression reinforced by black wheels and some accessories are also black. The more interesting after Ford also embed a new design LED headlights, coupled with features adaptive headlights, making this SUV worthy faced with some SUVs from the State Sakura, like the Honda CR-V and Nissan X-Trail.