2017 Ford Everest Review- See Ford’s Surprise


Everest has become best worldwide selling for mid city car in 2016. Recently, Ford Motor Company officially announces that they will release the new 2017 Ford Everest. Ford will truly presents its first mid car with seven passengers in China, Australia, India, New Zealand, South Africa. Ford cannot make sure when this Everest will be on South East Asia. You might remember the first launch this Ford Everest in Sydney, Australia but this car still in form of concept that car lover cannot imagine the real of this car. In several years, Ford develops the concept and finally can produce in 2016 and will be launched in 2017. This Everest will come with two options, RWD and AWD.

Engine and performance

Let us move to cabin, this 2017 Ford Everest like always have multifunctional multimedia using their favorite system called SYNC 2 that will be integrated to new 8″ touch screen. This SUV will be able to bring on things up to 2.010 liter in the condition where the second seat is flipped. If we talk about performance, we can see how the machine will bring you. This car comes with 5 cylinders, 3.2 liter and 4 cylinders 2.2 liter. FMC also claims that their SUV will be economic in fuel due to its smart system call de EcoBoost 2.0 liter. For South East Asia market, this 2017 Ford Everest will be made in Auto Alliance in Thailand then for China market; they will be produced in JMC XIaolan in Nanchang.


Safety control might be the first priority for this Ford because we have known that Ford always comes with high quality safety control on the dashboard. Moreover, you will also get more space for entertainment control when you can choose this Ford Everest for your next car to welcome 2017. There is no one that can deny the beauty of this car.


Exterior and safety

This new Ford Everest will have an off road power because ut has four wheels. Beside, the body is only about 225 mm to the ground; this car can pass water with depth 800 mm or almost a meter. There is unique system inside this car, Terrain Management System that can adapt well in ever condition including snow, sand, grass and etc. This will be so functional in every season. You don’t need to worry about the development of Ford Everest 2017. When you intend to purchase, just purchase it without thinking too long.