2017 Ford Mondeo Specs, Price and Photos


As we know, the market competition in the automotive industry in 2016 car is fierce. The names of major manufacturers from Asia are very difficult to displace especially price competition brought by American and European manufacturers that have to work hard to market the car in this segment. This car segment has been proved to have good performance. Equipped with a variety of features, new 2017 Ford Mondeo comes with a powerful engine typical for manufacturer ford. It has a sporty design tastes described and ford deliberately targets consumers who are young and active, especially if we look at the price offered by Ford on this generation. If quoted from the official page of ford, the price of this car is very varied by offering different prices.

Engine and Performance

It uses a type of Duratec engine, 4 Cylinder DOHC 16V running with technology Powertrain Control Module and 4-cylinder turbo feature. With its technology Duratec, 4 Cylinder DOHC 16V, it makes 2017 Ford Mondeo is able to offer a power of 125 PS / 6000 rpm. Engine performance workhorse is characteristic of cars from America where the engine of the Ford is popular to have a machine that stubborn. With the price of new ford fiesta is over 200 million, the performance of this machine can be said is very balanced with the price. Although it has a machine that is quite fast and powerful, in fact, this car can still be said to be fuel efficient because, as shown in the specification data, the new Ford has been using injection system Electronic Fuel Injection making capacity of 55 L quite durable. Then the price of an expensive New Ford in this vehicle also has a steering system Rack & Pinion with Electric Power Steering and also has a manual transmission so it is more comfortable when driving.


In the interior, 2017 Ford Mondeo has worked with Microsoft to bring the Ford Sync feature. It is one feature that can connect via Bluetooth gadget, you can use voice control. You can simply mention the name only if you want to call, with this feature would facilitate pal to communicate with cell phones, this feature is of course still very rarely owned by rivals especially from Asian rivals.


Exterior and Safety

The design of this 2017 Ford Mondeo has a distinctive appearance. With a new front design, it has an upright typical of American or Aston martin. For its grill, this car is equipped with a grille design with lines design with extra chrome.