2017 Ford Ranger Most Modern Car in its Class


Ford is preparing to launch the brand new 2017 Ford Ranger that will be revealed near the future. The brand new 2017 Ford Ranger comes with the modern and elegant look which is the leader in its class. This car comes with a couple of new features that will make this car a true competitor in the trucks segment. The truck will be stylish, sleeker, sportier, and with performance which has been improved. it will probably be the best comeback in the history of this industry.

2017 Ford Ranger Exterior

The Ford Company will apply the Ford Atlas Platform in order to design this brand new 2017 Ford Ranger. The look of the car will be more aggressive and rugged in terms of the exterior. The exterior panels will be dominated by high resistant steel and aluminum. It will reduce the weight of this truck significantly. This brand new Ranger will be wider and longer that its predecessor. This car comes with a new grille and bumpers which have been designed and with new chassis which has been improved. The taillights and headlights of this truck will be more ambient and sharper which is supported with LED lighting. With a maximum capacity of 1000 pounds, there is going to be more space for luggage. The company also makes the wheelbase widened.

2017 Ford Ranger Interior Features

This brand new 2017 Ford Ranger will have a perfect redesign in terms of interior. The interior will be more comfortable, spacious, and luxurious if compare to its predecessor. You can also find more headroom and legroom in the interior. Many auto publishers expect that this brand new truck will come with seats which have been made from high quality material. The front seats of this truck will be electric that is suited with back passengers screen. Many auto reviewers also expect that the interior comes with wireless phone charging, climate control system, traffic control features, air conditioning system, modern infotainment system, satellite navigation, and Bluetooth connectivity. Security and safety features will also offered for this truck. This car will come with a rear camera in order to help the driver when parking.

2017 Ford Ranger Specs

2017 Ford Ranger Price

The price of this brand new 2017 Ford Ranger is about $20,000 for the base model and up to $50,000 for the XL plus model which is supported with powerful diesel engine and also highest trim level.