2017 Honda Accord Will Still Be the Best in the Class


The 2017 Honda Accord will remain the same changes due its revisions that happened last year. However, this midsize-sedan is still on the main target of buyers who look for the finest sedan at the moment. Moreover, this is the flagship of Honda so far. People love to drive Accord because this sedan offers what they want. Honda Accord is also categorized as family sedan. So, you can start to hunt this sedan if you think that your family needs versatile sedan like Honda Accord. Based on these reasons, we cannot ignore this sedan with its latest model year after all.

2017 Honda Accord Interior

Talking about the improvement of 2017 Honda Accord, we see that this sedan is always improved every year especially on its interior segment. According to the latest specs, the interior has been improved due the modern technology these days. For example is shown by the touchscreen interface that can be used now even from the base model. The safety system is also improved and Honda always knows how to make their customers satisfy. In this 2017 model year, there is an alarmist collision warning system that will be noticed by the driver before the collision happens. Of course, it will increase the rating of Accord’s safety features.

2017 Honda Accord Optional features

But, do not be happy with those new improvements of 2017 Honda Accord firstly because they come as optional features which means you have to purchase them excluding the base prices. For the Honda Sensing, it becomes standard for the top trims like Touring. Overall, it is understandable since Honda offers them in small prices only. Besides, the customers will get spacious interiors if they do not want to play the optional features. Therefore, it is okay for you not to purchase them because this sedan is already versatile from the beginning.

2017 Honda Accord Release Date

2017 Honda Accord Coupe Version and Rivals

If you do not need midsize sedan, Honda also offers Accord as a coupe. It is categorized as midsize coupe too after all with FWD system. The price range is on par with other rivals such as Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang. Although it is not as sportier as those rivals, you can choose this coupe as the alternative option. Of course, we prefer the midsize sedan of Accord here rather than the coupe version because there is no one that can be the rival of this sedan obviously. Therefore, midsize sedan is reaching family car now which means this class will replace some popular SUVs on the market. Overall, the 2017 Honda Accord is still the best in this class.

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