2017 Honda MPV Fit: Compact MPV with Modern Platform


The brand new 2017 Honda MPV Fit is stated by Honda that this car will be released near the future. This brand new MPV will have a more modern platform than its previous version which makes this car a little bit shorter.

2017 Honda MPV Fit Release Date

This compact MPV is created in Mexico. Honda will sell this brand new car worldwide. This model was revealed for the first time at the Detroit auto show, and even though the company has not announced the official release date for this car, many auto publishers expects that this car will hit the auto market later in 2016. In terms of the price, this car will have price tag that starts at $15,750.

2017 Honda MPV Fit Interior

The 2017 Honda MPV Fit comes with interior which has been updated. The cabin of the car is spacious and comfortable, even though the spot for carrying luggage is not very spacious. There are no changes that drastically happen inside, especially in the dashboard area. The car comes with technology, and entertainment system which is supported with USB port and also Bluetooth connectivity. The smart phone connectivity is very easy to navigate, even though you can also use any android device. However, the interior of this brand new MPV is similar to that of the Civic and Accord. Even though this car is little bit more like hatchback than MPV, the company categorize this car MPV because it is more popular.

2017 Honda MPV Fit Redesign

The visibility at the front of the car is very impressive which is supported with small hood and large windshield. Meanwhile, the company has restyled the whole front end of the car including new headlights, aerodynamic styling, new fog lights, and a front grille which has been restyled in the aircraft wings shape. This car comes with the large doors that will make passengers easier to enter the car, even though the roof-line if low or maybe it is very low at the rear. The tailgate of the car is also very large which is bringing the practical feel to this car.

2017 Honda MPV Fit Specs

2-17 Honda MPV Fit Engine

In terms of the engine, this brand new 2017 Honda MPV Fit comes with 1.5-liter, 4-cylinder that will produce up to 130 horsepower. This engine will also be paired with either CVT or manual transmission. This car is suitable for those of you who want to have family car.

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