2017 Honda Odyssey: Small SUV with High Security System Rating


2017 Honda Odyssey comes as a mini-van with some changes that will make us feel comfortable. The car is offered with more space so heavy and long trips will not we feel as a burden. When the release time for the 2017 Odyssey is not yet certain, but there is still enough time if we want to get more information which is actually quite limited before a visit to the dealer when the car declared on the market.

Through the Internet, we can enjoy some pictures and a little review of the 2017 Honda Odyssey, which certainly could give us an insight. Exterior changes to the new Odyssey is based on the style and structure where we will find that the car will have wheels with a larger size and add more extra space in the cabin. Design on the interior will look slimmer and more refined when compared with the previous model so that we will feel a lot of comfort there charming. At the front, we will see a new grille and headlights with a completely new design. On the back of the car, we will notice a change in the taillights and fog lights that use some chrome accents add style. Interior in 2016 Odyssey which will be immediately visible is owned dashboard where the new dashboard has several control elements in a modern style with a larger screen than previous models. We will also have some updated features including a new navigation system, parking assistance, airbags, until the special features for the small passenger car DVD players are equipped with wireless communications options that will surely make them feel at home during a long journey.

The material used was made of luxurious materials with high quality so as to produce maximum comfort for anyone who is inside. 2017 Honda Odyssey offered with a force that will not make us disappointed namely 3.5L V6 engine that can generate power of 250 hp and torque of 250 lb / ft paired with 6-speed transmission. EPA value will we get is 28 mpg in the city and 19 mpg on the highway which means the fuel efficiency of the car is very good. Car scheduled to be released in early 2016 or perhaps at the end of this year with a price range of $ 29,999.

2017 Honda Odyssey is the best choice for you, no matter what you say, but still it becomes the best.