2017 Honda USA as the Most Loved by Consumers


Our country was not the only in the automotive manufacturer Honda became the most loved by consumers. In any American superpower, this Japanese manufacturing 2017 Honda USA is so popular among the loyal fans. This was evidenced rehabilitated and reconstructed by the awards by 4 pieces line up of its flagship New CR-V, Odyssey MPV as well as the duo of Civic and Accord sedan segment which has been named the fourth most popular vehicle models of all-American class, respectively. As is known, in the country, the brand symbol H is also putting its flagship 4 squad in the event the Net Promoter Customer Loyalty Awards 2015 held by SWA Magz together Hachiko Net Promoter Solution. The fourth product is the New CR-V SUV, Brio city car, New Freed as well as the icon itself, and the All New Jazz hatchback.

The coronation as the most popular 2017 Honda USA car in the United States is granted after an assessment by the HIS Automotive. It is an agency that provides analysis and information based on comprehensive research, it is also scalable to support decision-making on and the institutions of government in the enterprise field of the industry’s most reliable and credible in the country of uncle Sam. Over a full year Automotive HIS record new cars of various models and brands in the United States to determine the extent of the loyalty of the consumers of the product concerned. Here HIS track consumers who buy or at least rent a vehicle with this kind of a model as well as they have used before.

While based on the retail sale of cars in the United States the period October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016, three models from this 2017 Honda USA, Civic, Accord and CR-V become three of the top six best selling cars in the US market. Amazingly as much as 98 percent of buyers of their products are the individual consumer. It shows how their output product became a favorite among residents in the US at the same time is the highest among all other brands in the vanguard of the superpower. Amazingly this once again instead of 3 pieces line up above the plume get results but is for the second time in a row, both the CR-V, Accord and Civic finish with sales of each of more than 300 thousand units. Especially for the CR-V is so phenomenal achievement and put the car’s legendary explorers became the best-selling SUV in its class for the last decade.