2017 Mazda CX5 Release Date: Are the Updates Worth It?


Considering that CX5 has been one of the best selling vehicles from Mazda, it is pretty reasonable if you want to know the 2017 Mazda CX5 release date. Considering that the first line was launched in 2012, it is pretty understandable that the second generation has been considered intriguing. But what would Mazda do with it? Will they improve the performance or they will run it for good?

The Good Plan?

If you want to know the further developing plan from the company, you will know that it is highly possible that the new CX5 will be coming with some refreshing projects. However, such a work has gained quite a talk – a controversy, really. People are talking if such a development is necessary. You probably have heard about the phrase ‘Why bother fixing something that is already good?’ Well, that’s the case with the CX5, really. A lot of people have considered it as the perfect ride so what kind of development that Mazda can possibly have to even improve it. People are worried that Mazda may ‘damage’ the ride instead of improving it.

The Design

But if you are looking at the overall image design, you have to admit that the new CX5 is definitely a good looking ride. It seems that Mazda is being energetic – after they are working on the CX9, they are hyped enough to deal with the CX5. Despite the unknown confirmation of 2017 Mazda CX5 release date and the starting price, it is a pretty artistic and beautiful piece of work. The inspiration was taken from the CX9 with the premium feel. Although there hasn’t much to be expected from the refreshing work, you can tell that the new CX5 has somewhat a sportier, more athletic, and also more mature construction.

The SkyActiv Engine

The SkyActiv system may be one of the major reasons why people love the vehicle. But of course, there will be different plans for the new 2017 model. Instead of the manual transmission with 2.0 liter capacity, the new 2017 model will be coming with G-Engine SkyActiv 2.5 liter capacity with auto six speed transmission for the standard feature. Of course, you can also expect better safety feature from the i-ActivSense technology that includes blind spot monitoring system, adaptive cruise control, auto emergency braking, and such thing alike.

The 2017 model is said to be ready around March – probably late March – with tag price around $24,100 before the almost $1000 destination charge. Now that you already know about 2017 Mazda CX5 release date, what do you think about the ride?