2017 Mercedes Benz S Class: What to Expect?


It is confirmed that the 2017 Mercedes Benz S Class will be coming with new improvements, updates, and upgrades that are set up to pamper the customers. The launch will be happening later on – around winter by the end of 2017 – with new arrays of new systems and updates, including the hybrid technology of petrol engine, semi automatic driving system, and also the high def Digital Light headlights.


According to the research and developments head in Mercy, Ola Kallenius, the updates to the car will also include the tech system, focusing on the semi automatic Drive Pilot assistance system. He said that anything should be ready within 6 months and they are sure that the new system for the 2017 Mercedes Benz S Class will be coming with lots and lots of additional features.


The Drive Pilot feature is one of the handiest features Mercy has been developing. The system will be able to take over the ride in the event that you have completely lost your control over the car. It will automatically make the car slow down, turn the warning blinkers on, make a call to the emergency numbers, open the car’s door – all the signs that will tell other people that there is something wrong with you as the driver. This scenario is possible when you are sick or when you fall asleep. Of course, there will be an improved features for the mapping system so your car can send signals to important parties and people.


Besides the petrol engine, this 2017 Mercedes Benz S Class will be coming with straight unit of the six cylinder type. Details haven’t been released by the company but they are pretty confident that the upcoming ride will be promising and all good. With the fact that it is going to be paired with the 48V battery that will improve the power when needed, they are pretty sure that this car will deliver.

Details should be available soon enough after they are ready with the launch and the introduction. But after several developments and several lines being developed at the same time, Mercy is pretty confident that they should be able to come with a satisfying result. As it was mentioned before, this 2017 Mercedes Benz S Class will be ready at the end of this year with unknown price details.