2017 Proton Features & Design


The third generation car of this certain car company is to be released soon, better known as the 2017 Proton. We do have high hopes on this certain car company to make the third generation even better than ever. The new car is aiming to be a fresher model than the previous ones though. Since 2017 Proton is created for family or household purposes, a big, spacious space is needed since it’s more convenient that way. The new SUV is based on the GM’s Lambda platform and will use the concept of using lightweight materials (magnesium, aluminum, steel and more.)

2017 Proton Features

The 2017 Proton includes a lot of features which we might useful on this family-oriented SUV. The redesign of this third generation features include the LED front lights as well as the fog lights which help you in a situation when you go home late and such – oh, and especially if you were on a vacation with your family, it will help as well. Another thing you can see featured on the 2017 Proton SUV is the extended bonnet along with the aerodynamic bumpers, big, styled logo as the grille in the center of the front of the car and the alloy wheels are now twenty inch sized. As you know, spacious, roomy space is much needed so, Proton designed it in a way that 8 adults are able to fit in and even they still get enough leg space. Isn’t that wonderful? Inside the cabin, you will be greeted by variety of features, advanced technology and security functions that perform well. You will also get a lot of choices to choose for the exterior color of you 2017 Proton upcoming car! Sitting for a long time in the car won’t be a problem since the seat is made of high quality materials. Take leather for an example. Not only the seat, the other parts of the cabin are made of high quality materials.

2017 Proton Design

Proton is aiming for an aggressive looking car for the exterior design. We can see that from the redesigned grille and also, the bumper which are done in an aggressive way. Fierce and aggressive, it’s a nice combination. Hopefully, the proton will turn out really nice with its amazing design, let’s hope for the best. So, what do you think of the 2017 Proton upcoming SUV?