2017 Proton Preve Facelift Specification and Photos


There are already a lot of the automotive industry in the country and even there have been many automotive manufacturers from abroad, every manufacturer is already in Indonesia are both have a very good quality-good, from technology and engine. Proton is currently being widened its wings throughout the country and Indonesia became one of the countries targeted for automotive exchange in Indonesia are becoming more crowded. The automaker named Proton is a car manufacturer based in Malaysia and established in 1983, since manufacturer Proton has produced many types of car. Proton Preve is one of the mainstays of Proton cars and in this type indeed has many advantages such as highly qualified engine performance especially for 2017 Proton Preve Facelift, features that are presented have been using sophisticated and modern technology, while the safety and comfort systems alike to other parts.

Engine and Performance

Comes with a machine equipped with 1.6-type CAMPRO CFE certainly will produce extraordinary power, certainly 2017 Proton Preve Facelift will be able to shake the dominance of cars from Japan and even Europe. Surely my friend automotive curious about what is offered by the Proton Preve and what is the price of Proton Preve.

Exterior and Safety

In the design itself is not less great with other leading manufacturers, my friend can see for yourself on the front that there is a very sharp headlights, then also there is also a compact bumper design that looks more elegant look. The presence of 2017 Proton Preve Facelift is strongly welcomed by automotive enthusiasts hearted watered. Because at the Proton Preve has many advantages, prices Proton Preve is also priced recommended. This sedan car segment has an extremely luxurious and elegant design and most populous very beautiful indentations on its body. As for the front view already contained headlamp design Auto Light Sensor and LED Light so as to provide the lighting is very bright, with also a bumper flanked by two fog lamp. While on the radiator cover looks more simple and do not forget also the logo of Proton in the middle. While on the back designed very simple at all and there are stop lamp that is very stylish and will certainly give a very clear light, dressed very elegantly made Proton Preve more and more popular. Moreover, Proton preve has no less luxurious interior with the exterior design, with embedded some high-tech features and modern interior create a very elegant look.