2017 Range Rover Evoque Becomes Cleaner With New Engine And Cheaper


2017 Range Rover Evoque – Land Rover Range Rover Evoque is one SUV or crossover type car that is designed with a compact body and it is offered in two versions of the car that is five-door and three-door which is also known as the Range Rover Evoque Coupe. Land Rover Range Rover Evoque is presented as a car that uses front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive option for off road purposes. This car was produced as a vehicle for young families. Formerly Range Rover Evoque is presented in Land Rover LRX concept, which until now did not abandon the concept design. Even Land Rover ever claimed that this SUV is smallest, lightest and most efficient car ever produced by Land Rover. 2017 Range Rover Evoque will be reportedly landed in Australia in November. The car is claimed to have a number of new fixtures such as a new diesel engine, a new design tweaks, and of course the price was also new. In addition to the new design changes on the headlights, this car output in 2017 is estimated the UK and US markets.

Engine and Performance

Evoque offers a driving experience in a very charming even when used for long trips. All road conditions can be reached despite the shocks that will be felt when using tires with a size of 20 inches. Weight reached 1,640 kg which that can be driven at high speed in the corners, but the steering precision with a fast enough turnaround behind. Comparison of fuel consumption Range Rover Evoque is about 1: 9 s / d 1:11.


Moving to the cabin section or interior, the latest 2017 Range Rover Evoque comes with a new design of the instrument panel in front of the driver’s seat. Additionally, it will come equipped with an entertainment system enlarged to 8 inches, and is supported by the technology wave of the hand to move to another menu.


Exterior and Safety

Regarding the changes in the latest series Evoque, refresher is done pretty much which is invisible from the exterior design in the wider right and left bumper. With air holes, there are also additional lights DRL (Daytime Running Light). There is also the revamped front grille sector such as Range Rover Sport. Sector is as well as the long brake light with flat shape.

About the specification, this British car manufacturer offers a choice of engines. Besides, JLR also offers equipment on Sport models with larger Pure, SE, HSE and HSE Dynamic. For the prices, with an increasing new design and offering a choice of diesel and petrol engines, JLR sets this crossover starting at USD 76995-80605. Unfortunately, the car is priced very high, much higher than its rivals and still untested remember the first generation of Evoque. It looks less exotic than other car brands (type of sports car) that cost about the same