2017 Santa Fe – Pro & Cons of Santa Fe and The Amazing Safety Features


2017 Santa Fe is available again because the car is in the process of launching. Enormous space, awesome features, and you will get a good driving experience from this 2017 version of Santa Fe. Curious to know the kinds of features that are available on the newest Santa Fe? Then, stay tune. Well, in short, this Santa Fe has a lot to offer. There good sides of this car as well as the bad sides but, that’s bound to happen – you can’t expect everything to be perfect. That’s why, let’s talk about the good points and the bad points of this 2017 Santa Fe, okay?

2017 Santa Fe Pros and Cons

First off, this newest 2017 Santa Fe scored really high when it comes to a user-friendly infotainment system. Well, with these infotainment system, probably you’ll never get bored anymore during a ride. It’s a great thing there is an infotainment system nowadays. Another good point you can find in this 2017 Santa Fe is the spacious cabin. Now, you don’t need to worry anymore if you were going for a road trip with your friends or family. Or, putting a lot of stuff shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Plus, the cabin is well-insulated so, you shouldn’t need to worry – it’s being protected very well which means, the safety features are certainly excellent. What made it so excellent though?

The bad exists in the good though. Firstly, 2017 Santa Fe has a lazy automatic transmission which makes it troublesome. In addition to that, the in order to get going, the V-6 engine has to be revved to go on. And please, the fuel economy can be better than this, right? They are supposed to be better, at least and yes, we know they can do better.

2017 Santa Fe interior

2017 Santa Fe Safety Features

The safety of this 2017 Santa Fe is amazing, enough said. It can keep you from getting fatally wounded. For your information, this newest Santa Fe received a “Good” score for the safety testing by IIHS. Few things hasn’t been checked yet though, which are the small overlap front crash test, collision prevention and mitigation and lastly, the new headlight test. It probably will get the highest score though. It doesn’t mean you can go around driving recklessly.  Looking for a car that has good safety system? Go for the 2017 Santa Fe.