2017 Sentra: More Compelling To Value-Seeking Drivers


Although rarely covered by the media, but Nissan is able to provide the best quality in every design they made for a vehicle. Why the vehicle development process becomes more focused?It is because 2017 Nissan Sentra is the best choice, since the quality they offer could be considered as the best vehicles. 2017 Sentra develop as compact cars with full features to be able to offer more values to the buyer rather than style alone. With the development on all sides, from the facilities, capability and amenities, the new Sentra is expected to be a hot prospect in 2017.

For the main weapon, the Center has only one engine choice only. With the four-cylinder which can make a massive power up to 1.8 liters. With these engines, the Center has 130 hp and 129 lbs-ft of torque. If you care about the top speed, 2017 Sentra will give a definitive answer to you considering it capable of reaching 135 mph. Sentra can go from 0 mph to 60 mph in 6 seconds. While the level of combustion efficiency achieves 28/36 mpg. The transmission system is available at 6 speed manual transmission. Vehicles are working systematically through various avenues prompting Nissan to make reforms.


What are your expectations of the interior of the new Nissan Sentra? Comfort and luxury appears regularly. High material on the seats makes the driver feel comfortable when they are in transit. In fact, you’ll find leather upholstery that makes Sentra seem luxurious. You can adjust the seating position at will. Auto climate control keeps the temperature in the cabin so you do not feel discomfort. While on the dashboard, you’ll find some advanced features like Entertainment system, Multimedia system, LED 7 “, the Audio device, NissanConnect Services will be the central control of the vehicle. You can try a variety of features such as emergency services, remote access and customizable alerts. If you want to subscribe to radio, SiriusXM will guide you.

On the exterior, the new 2017 Sentra has some overhaul. Nissan is installing new design of tail lights, head lights and grille. Therefore the front end of Sentra looks more beasts. Its boomerang headlights seem very cool. Sentra legs get new reinforcement, alloy with chrome accents, larger tires and many more. Through the reshuffle in the body design, the new Nissan will be one of the main Nissan spearhead that will be reliable in different missions. So you no longer fear that you will lose your comfort during a trip. Rumors say that the new 2017 Sentra will be in the range of $ 16.700.