2017 Sportage Design and Appearance


For years there are pairs of intimate friends who share in many ways, ranging from the exchange of engines, platforms, up to the assembly plant. However, lately, the two had parted on good terms. One result was the design of the 2017 Sportage that is 100% Sportage. It is the same as that expressed by its owner. Indeed, the previous Sportage still uses the C1 platform, but to embrace, there is the concept Sportage SKYACTIV which is also used by the other luxurious car. For more information, read the detail below.


Faced with increasingly fierce competition, such as the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla Altis, it increasingly has rich features and technologies. The 2017 Sportage is polished out by engineers Sportage. In the interior, Sportage presents the cabin with the impression of a sophisticated and classy. There is a HUD or Head Unit Display with new folding screen and a new infotainment system that can read messages and emails plus a special key to access the various menus. In addition, the legroom or rear leg room is made more spacious. Simply put, SkyActiv is the philosophy of optimization in various sectors ranging from automobile engine, transmission, and chassis to the body. The point is the weight reduction and efficiency improvement is done without compromising safety, comfort and driving dynamics. Just as the Sportage, this latest car is lighter and stronger body structure or 30% stiffer than the previous generation.



Exterior and Safety

To accommodate consumer demand globally, the figure of the Sportage to increase. Wheelbase is increased to 61 mm in order to create a more spacious cabin space for passengers. It claims that \rear leg room in the new car can reach 914 mm. Meanwhile, second line is raised to the height of 50 mm for the driver and passengers feel much more comfortable. Sportage displays the design language Kodo (soul of motion). The result, at first glance looks like a miniature of previous Sportage, especially through the bulging front fenders, hood towering and short rear body proportions but has the impression of height. Indeed, Kodo design for this car does not only a feast for the eyes, but also has a functional value via the coefficient of drag of 0.275.

So far, the Sportage is still the backbone of the previous Sportage sales contributed 30% to total revenue globally in yesterday. Since the debut in 2003, it has been sold 3.5 million units and has been marketed in 120 countries. So do not be surprised if Sportage has been preparing for this new generation very seriously.