2017 Tacoma Trd Pro More than Just a Truck Exterior


Well, guess what’s coming up soon – the 2017 Tacoma Trd Pro, another one of the TRD pro series which started back in 2014. There are Tunda, Tacoma, 4runner and the kinds in the TRD pro series but, right now is the time we review about this newest 2017 Tacoma Trd Pro which underwent changes, as opposed to the Tundra and 4runner which remained unchanged.  Well, who’s excited? We are more than ready to drive this Tacoma around certainly.

2017 Tacoma Trd Pro Exterior

When we see 2017 Tacoma Trd Pro exterior – we know that this particular vehicle is more than just a truck. The exterior features exceed the standard features we’ve got on a truck so, it’s not wrong to state that this truck is more than a truck. We will immediately know that this car is made by the famous car company since up front, there’s a “Toyota” grille. Well, it’s a little bit nostalgic to think back of the iconic FJ truck since the grille reminds us of it – but don’t worry, the new 2017 Tacoma Trd Pro will rock as much. The grille is a special signature style of the TRD products so, you’ll recognize it as a TRD as soon as you see a TRD car. There’s also a feature that helps you adjust to the fog – yup, it’s the LED fog lights from ridged industries which now you can find on the lower fascia of the Tacoma.

As for the hood, you can the scoop even though, it’s not functional, unfortunately. As expected of a truck, it will carry a cool yet rough edges look and so, the sides of the black fenders flairs are designed that way.

2017 tacoma trd pro cement

Since we’ve talked about the front of the exterior, shall we move to the back of the exterior, now? The back of the exterior looks pretty much the same as the standard Tacoma. On the tailgate, we can find the TRD pro badging and the exact same matching badge are placed on the front doors too. You can choose one of the three colors which are available. To prevent anything bad happening against the drivetrain, an aluminum skid plate is placed under the front bumper. The colors of this 2017 Tacoma Trd Pro include Barcelona Red Metallic, Super White, and Cement – which color do you prefer more?