2017 Toyota Tacoma with Hardcore Features


The 2017 Toyota Tacoma will become the hardcore version of previous Tacoma. As we know, this pickup can hit every track that exists in this world especially its all-terrain models.  Unfortunately, the model is only in the form of 2017 TRD Pro. The other model will follow up TRD pro which will be released on all dealerships this year. Based on its current model, we have seen similar design with the previous generation of Tacoma. But, it has special features that we have never seen before. Of course, the off-road capability is still the number one reason why we choose this truck than other brands.

2017 Toyota Tacoma Overview

The 2017 Toyota Tacoma will be launched with only one type. It is an Off-Road 4×4 model with Double cab feature. In addition, the engine is also familiar for Toyota lineup. We still see the 3.5 L V6 which boosts up 278 horsepower under Tacoma hood. Moreover, the exterior designs will be offered with three color variants. They are Super White, Red Metallic and Cement. But, do not doubt with the availability of the transmissions. Toyota gives more freedom for the customers to choose whether manual or automatic transmission. As you can see on the exterior design, the front bumper is accompanied by lettered grille. Meanwhile, the 16-inch wheels are ready to move this truck wherever you want.

2017 Toyota Tacoma Suspension

Do not forget with the suspension of 2017 Toyota Tacoma because this thing which can make the truck as the best in the class. Because of the off-road capability, Toyota has already matched this truck with off-road suspension. For your information, the TRD model is able to use the coil springs which are used to lift up the front with the suspension. It is such a good idea for all off-roader in the world. Power steering is a must for off-roader. So does Toyota. This automaker also gives electronic-locking rear differential in order to add more safeties for the driver.

2017 toyota tacoma release date

2017 Toyota Tacoma Price

If you want to record all adventure that you feel, the GoPro camera is mounted on this car. It becomes the standard feature just like other new Tacoma now. In addition, the driver grip will be stronger with the leather-wrapped-tilt covering the steering wheel. Meanwhile, the cabin integrates with Entune infotainment system of Toyota. If you are curious with the price of TRD Pro, it starts the price at $33,000. To be honest, it is cheaper than the predecessor of 2017 Toyota Tacoma which is priced at $37,000.