2017 VW GLI Jetta: Excellent Handling with High Safety Rating


Volkswagen became one of Germany manufacturer that offers comfort and performance in a vehicle at the same time. The answer can be found in the new 2017 VW GLI Jetta. Through various developments, the new Jetta GLi pushed to the top to become one of the best vehicles that can be produced. Now you need to look deeply, whether VW Jetta GLI can indeed be the perfect choice for you. With some reinforcements on all sides, do you still find it difficult?

2017 VW GLI is famous for the perfection of handling technology. Volkswagen is really serious in developing these vehicles so that you can see how great the handling ability of the new Jetta GLi. With a 1.4 liter 4 cylinder base engine, VW GLi has a power up to 150 hp with 160 lbs-ft of torque. The vehicle is capable of speeding up to 120 mph. while powering system technology developed to make the rider so easy to control the vehicle. 6-speed auto transmission is available for you. With traction control technology, the vehicle will not slip when shifting the transmission is done. VW Jetta GLI is capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds. Fuel consumption rating on the Jetta GLI achieves 28/40 mpg. So the Jetta GLI is considered as one of the most efficient vehicles.


The interior received special attention from Volkswagen. Especially since the dimensions of the cabin experiences adjustment so no complaints from consumers. While the passenger seats and the driver seat is built with the right position so that they can be comfortable when driving. Even long trips will not make motorists tired because they can relax a little. The latest technology is installed in the dashboard includes the Control Center which are displayed in 8-inch LCD. Multimedia system and entertainment center is also contained therein so that the rider can still enjoy what they love even while driving.

Some safety features such as rear camera, auto ignition feature, anti-collision, traction control and automatic braking has become standard features that should be installed in all vehicles. The new Jetta GLI has all these features so buyers do not need to worry. VW GLI 2017 also strengthened with new design of exterior. Starting from the rear side to the front end gets a renewal. New Jetta GLi headlights and tail lights with LED design looks cool. With 17 “alloy wheels, parts of legs looks more manly. VW GLI 2017 becomes the best choice for you if you really like compact or sedan.

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