There is 2017 VW Golf for Every Taste, Pick Your Own Golf Right Now!


VW Golf is one of Volkswagen series which has the highest variance because they are able to satisfy almost all market share. Golf is able to answer everyone’s taste buds with the Golf, Golf SportWagen, GTI and Golf EV. All Golf series is considered as the best option because it has attractive design and great ability. 2017 VW Golf is the spearhead of Volkswagen to win the competition in reaching a wider market share. They certainly do not want to get the defeat of competitors.

Since VW Golf develop a more widely model in various types, Golf great acclaim from the public. They were pleased because the Golf is available in four-door hatchbacks, a two-door, wagon and sporty hatchbacks. Even the 2017 VW Golf is also designed with multiple types at once so we assume that the VW seems so perfect.

Base engine used to arm the new VW Golf is two turbocharged engine that is reinforced with inline-4 system so that the 1.8-liter engine capability is getting stronger. The engine can produce 170 HP with 199 lbs-ft. For transmission problems, VW provides a choice of 6 speed automatic, but they still provide a 5 speed manual if buyers do not like using auto transmission. The engine used in the Golf R series for VW decided to install a 2.0-liter turbocharged four that could make up to 290 HP and 310 lbs-ft. the decision to choose the engine is quite appropriate for leading people to like it. All-wheel drive and two-wheel drive is available as the best option.

2017 VW Golf Release date

2017 VW Golf in all the series are considered to have the best interiors. In addition to comfortable seats that can be adjusted as you need, seats are made with the best material. You can sit comfortably, did not feel a nuisance. It applies both for passenger and driver seats. Black leather selected for the base material that will enhance that cabin upholstery of the VW Golf looks more beautiful. VW Golf seems so perfect and attractive, luxurious and elegant.

VW Golf new series has some updates for any part of the exterior. In addition to tail light, head lamp and hood, all the hollow body is redesigned to meet the standards of safety and aerodynamics. You will really enjoy the ride comfort since 2017 VW Golf has everything you need. The vehicle has the best part with a few changes of detail in some various sides.

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