2017 VW Tiguan Release Date: What to Expect from the Allspice


Before focusing on 2017 VW Tiguan release date, it doesn’t hurt to know some of the detailed specs and power for the vehicle. After all, the Tiguan has been known for its premium quality as well as great power so it is only logical if you expect more from it.

The Newest Update

So, what else should we know about this ride, aside from the question about 2017 VW Tiguan release date? This so called Allspace will be coming with a SUV design, enough to accommodate 7 people comfortably. There will be six different options for the engine. It is highly likely that this SUV will be launched around the middle of 2017 with a starting price around £27,000.

Back then in March, the Allspace – Tiguan’s brother, has been introduced to the public during Geneva international Auto Show in 2017. Designed as the main competitor to Skoda Kodiaq, this SUV is designed with all the top quality construction and great power arrangement – and everything is done without compromising style and design.

The Exterior Look

From the design alone, the Allspace will be identical with the standard Tiguan with the headlights and the broad chrome grille. However, there will be remodeled side windows with longer wheelbase for the Allspace that will differentiate the model. The brakelights and bootlid remain the same but the back doors are somewhat stretched to accommodate passengers to the back seat.

Interior Cabin

Thanks to the longer wheelbase, having more space inside the cabin is definitely possible and even comfortable. It can accommodate more passengers as well as cargo just nicely. The front area may not having any changes on the space layout but the back area is definitely roomier.

Besides the comfort and space, features and technologies will be made available with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth connection to the infotainment system with its 8 inch display screen, and also more accessible cluster gauge. It’s no wonder if people are wondering about 2017 VW Tiguan release date.

Release Date and Engine

There will be three petrol options as well as three diesel options. The previous units can deliver 148 hp of power, 178 hp, and also 217 hp. While the latter can deliver 148 hp of power, 187 hp, and also 238 hp. The diesel engines are set for those who like traveling long distance. For the 2017 VW Tiguan release date, it may happen around the middle – even toward the end – of 2017.