2018 370Z: The Predictions and Rumors


There have been talks about the new 2018 370Z within the last few weeks, considering that it is one of the newest developments made by Nissan for their sporty line. After all, this sport line was first released 9 years ago and it isn’t going anywhere – in fact, it is going to be here to stay as there will be new improvements and updates for the line.


The auto industry has been buzzing with predictions, rumors, and news about the new sporty line, considering that Nissan has officially made some positive comments about their production – they are pretty confident about it. Keep in mind, though, that the changes to the 2018 370Z will be quite mild and minor although it is obvious that it is undergoing changes. Some of the changes will include the dark finish on the door handle, the impressive clutch system with the standard manual six speed transmission from Exedy, and also new internals part and system for the light. Again, the company will provide the automatic seven speed transmission for the additional option.


What about the engine, you may ask? Well, it seems that Nissan is pretty sure about their current powertrain so they will likely stay with it. The new sporty line will still be coming with the V6 engine with 3.7 liter capacity that is delivering 332 hp of power for the standard type and 350 hp of power for the Nismo sporty line. The option is only for the rear wheel driving system where buyers can choose the convertible or the coupe style.

Besides the standard model, the new 2018 370Z will offer the Heritage Edition with base trim in a coupe design. You can choose between the Black Magnetic and the Yellow Chicane. If you choose the previous one, you can get yellow for the interior trim and silver gloss graphics. If you choose the latter one, you can enjoy black gloss graphic, the same yellow interior trim, and also side mirror caps in black. Are they stylish and good looking? Of course they are! The combination of yellow and black is surprisingly good – reminds you of the adorable bee, somehow.

Release Date and Price

The new line should be ready at around spring time this year, if everything goes as planned. Hopefully, the new 2018 370Z as well as the limited edition will be as good as promised – or even better than the claim.