2018 4Runner: What Updates to Expect?


It is a good thing that the new 2018 4Runner will get some updates and changes, considering that the ride has been around for some years without any changes. However, don’t expect the changes to happen drastically because there will only several minor updates and tweaks for the crossover. It should be enough to refresh the design but you still get the same old 4Runner as before.


Here are some round-up conclusions that you can gain about the changes happening to the 2018 4Runner model. First of all, expect the line to get some design updates and improvements, instead of a complete change on the platform. Expect the exterior area to get some changes, but not much and not too drastic. It is possible that the new 4Runner will get bulkier and more standout with longer hood to enhance the solid and strong stance. It is also possible that the new 4Runner will get some updates on the engine but a new direct injection option that will boost the power and ability of the ride.

Exterior Design

If you love the rough, solid, and boxy construction of the crossover, it won’t change for the new 2018 4Runner. Toyota will preserve the authentic design (with its boxy signature style) but with some updated refreshment, including the grille, the hood, and also the rear end. It is possible that Toyota will make a rounder area for the rear side or to make a sportier feel for the 2018 model. All in all, expect something new from the line although not in an extravagant way.

Interior Cabin

The biggest change will happen on the cabin, with more space made available. With seven seating arrangement and lower floor, it should deliver better driving system and comfort. Features and technologies will be included, such as Destination Search, premium audio system, Pandora, and iHeart Radio – among some of the updates happening to the line. Leather shift knob cover is included, increasing better durability.


This Sequoia has a TRD Pro with its own rear sliding cargo deck with different engine arrangement. The standard one will be using V6 naturally aspirated direction injection 3.5 liter engine, while the TRD Pro will be using the V6 4.0 liter engine type, delivering 270 hp of power. For the TRD Pro, the available colors are Quicksand and Cement and Orange Inferno. Other colors for the regular lines are still available for the new 2018 4Runner.

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