2018 Audi A5: The Sportback Appeal


If you are looking at the image of 2018 Audi A5 with its sportback styling, you will admit that Audi hasn’t lost its touch for the attractive and sporty design with focus on functionality and usage. Sure, it is good to have a good looking ride but it would be better if you can have the completely functional one. With the A5, Audi makes sure that everyone is happy – and they get to keep their good reputation.


You may be thinking that somehow, the design of the new 2018 Audi A5 is similar to the one with the S5 sportback. Well, they may look the same because they are based on the same concept and idea. But with the A5 sportback, not only you can enjoy the rear doors, you can also enjoy the hatchback door on the cargo area.

Exterior Design

This model comes with a coupe style on the back – earning itself a title of one of the best attractive and stylish rides ever made. The overall design incorporates the clean lines and attractive curves – along with the roofline construction with its flow down model to the back. If you see the overall line of the new A5, smart dimension and clever arrangement on the lines and muscles are good – and it is another positive point for the ride.

Interior Cabin

Just as other Audi productions, this 2018 A5 will come with attractive interior cabin that is plush and also comfortable. The seats are coming with better arrangements although you may want to consider the space on the back seat – considering the down low roof design. But be sure that you can expect improved comfort and convenience – and the fact that new technologies will be included in the production.

Audi focuses on the technology factor, making them add the Virtual Cockpit in this line. With such technology, you can expect a higher end instrument cluster with LCD panel for the navigation view and better driving experience. And there is also the 4G/LTE connectivity so you can integrate Google Earth with your navigation system.


For this model, the engine will be the turbocharged direct injection 2.0 liter engine delivering 252 hp of power and all wheel driving system. Expect a better and smoother driving experience with this 2018 Audi A5 to the greatest extent and level without too much fuss.