2018 Audi S4: The Newer Improvement


Expect some great improvements and upgrades from 2018 Audi S4 with the powerful engine and attractive design. If you look at the A4 design and you are wowed by the overall performance, you will like this sporty tuned and all wheel version. It is also coming with the powerful V6 supercharged engine paired with manual six speed transmission. There is the optional automatic seven speed dual clutch transmission. The S4 should be ready at the beginning of 2017.


Audi is always associated with the luxury, class, and elegance but they still have other powerful competitors like Mercy (with its AMG 43 model) and the Beemer (with the M lines). That’s why Audi is coming with their S lines, designed with sporty design, handle, and look to compete in the segment. And they are releasing the S4 model which comes in between the RS4 and the A4 – with basic concept taken from the A4 design.


Audi is pretty confident with their S4 model, since they are including the V6 turbocharged engine with 3.0 liter capacity. The engine for 2018 S4 is somewhat still related to the powerful V8 4.0 liter engine used in Porsche Panamera. With the new V6 engine arrangement, the result is 354 hp of power – much powerful than the previous V6 supercharged 3.0 liter.

With this arrangement, you can expect a better improvement for 2018 Audi S4 that is paired up with the automatic ZF eight speed transmission, which replaces the automatic dual clutch seven speed transmission. Don’t expect the manual six speed transmission as Audi won’t be making one for the future model. After all, the ZF is said to deliver smooth and easier handle.


The S4 is able to reach 62 mph within 4.7 seconds which isn’t not much but not bad either. The top speed is 155 mph. Although it is able to deliver more power, somehow it lacks of emotion and enthusiasm. It has a pretty good fuel economy system with 21 mpg for the city and 30 mpg for the highway. It is safe to say that the ride is able to deliver comfortable driving action for many miles.

Price and Release Date

The new S4 should be coming in the early 2017 with pricing tag not so different from the current $50,200. Rumor has it that the new 2018 Audi S4 will be coming at around $53,000 but we need to wait for further details.

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