2018 BMW 5 Series: Some of the Newest Updates


There haven’t been a lot of updates and information about the upcoming 2018 BMW 5 Series but auto enthusiasts have been fussy and ‘noisy’ about the release of the car. After all, there are a lot of positive expectations about the sporty ride and people just hate it when they are disappointed. So, if you are one of the big fans of Beemer’s creation and products, it is time for you to get your gears high and kick it a start.

Development and Plan

The plan about the upcoming 5 Series has been announced by Beemer before as they are confirming the availability for the 2018 model. The 5 Series ride is meant to satisfy enthusiasts who want to get themselves a sporty ride but without the whooping and uncontrollable sporty ride power. It is safe to say that this series is designed to accommodate the needs of those who want to have a sporty ride but without the difficult power. Beemer has designed this series to go beyond the expected standard and yet keep the power at check so it won’t be a handful. When compared to the M5 sedan with its 560 hp of power, the 2018 BMW 5 Series will be coming with 456 hp of power – which is considered powerful enough but not overwhelming.


For this model, the car will be coming with V8 twin turbo engine with 4.4 liter capacity, allowing the ride to reach 60 mph within four seconds only. Expect all the smooth, easy, and easy-to-control performance with the Steptronic Sport eight speed transmission and four wheel driving system, which is also regulated and controlled by the automatic system from the computer.

Exterior Appearance

As it was mentioned before, this model will be coming with cosmetic sporty ride with the cool rear spoiler – along with some accents. Expect such a thing like front air intakes accents in metallic gray finish that is also incorporated to the grille frame and mirror caps. The exhaust pipes of 2018 5 Series will also come with black chrome tailpipes, delivering a cool sporty look.

Interior Cabin

A lot of auto enthusiasts are hoping that the interior cabin of this ride will be coming with similar arrangement from the 5 Series 2017, with the iDrive technology and 10 inch display screen and its touchscreen ability. You should expect the new 2018 BMW 5 Series to come with the promising easiness and comfort.