2018 BMW M5: Still the Shady Updates


There are different opinions and reactions generated when people are talking about the launch of the new 2018 BMW M5. Some of us still think that it is one of the most expensive rides for the M Series while the others think that such a ride still needs to be preserved and kept. Some of us think that it is pretty useless for Beemer to produce such a thing but some still thinks that the ride still has hopes and expectation. So, which one are you?

News and Expectation

Based on the confirmed rumors long ago – and the fact that BMW has made an official statement about it – the new 2018 BMW M5 will be coming to the all wheel driving system. It is hoped that M5 will finally be the sedan that everyone has hoped for, somehow designed to be more humane and more like a fast sedan that it should be than just a driving machine without soul. And another cool news about it is that the sedan is equipped with a special button that will power the rear wheel side only.

Again, some people make ridiculous and confusing reason of buying the M5 simply because it is the most expensive variant in the line. But guess what? Some really appreciate the ride and they feel that M5 still has hopes  – including the fact that it is completely functional with the advanced and sophisticated features. Because of the many types of people that buy the M5 (from the hooligans that would ditch it at the first opportunity they have or the ones that would want a combined balanced between grip and power), BMW finally decided that they are going to make a next generation sedan with both all wheel and also rear wheel driving system. Will the plan actually works? I guess we have to wait and see.


Besides the button that operates this 2018 BMW M5 through the rear wheel driving system only, Beemer is thinking about incorporating another button that can switch the rear wheel and all wheel driving system and vice versa. This kind of arrangements will be included in every driving mode settings that can make an easier access and implementation.

For the engine, rumor has it that the car will be coming with V8 twin turbo 4.4 liter engine that is delivering 600 hp of power.  There hasn’t been any official confirmation about the release or about the system so we have to wait for further updates about 2018 BMW M5.