2018 BMW M6: Rumors around the Release


The new 2018 BMW M6 is about to release but there hasn’t been any official confirmation about the ride. This M6 coupe was basically set as the 2019 model but it should be made available in 2018. But so far, the development has been quite slow because Beemer has been busy. They introduced the concept of F12 convertible and F13 coupe in 2011 and what do they do 7 years afterward? They finally come with the 6 Series models.


Because BMW hasn’t said anything official to confirm the rumors and whatsoever, there are wild rumors flying around the production of the 2018 BMW M6. And the company finally releases the rendering image of the new M6 – and everyone admits that it is a pretty good image and quality.

After the company announced the release of the new M6 model, rumors start appearing. One of them is about the design of the car, which is said to be sleeker and also sportier. Some even say that the new M6 design will be similar to the New Tourer. Whether it is true or not, we just have to wait and see.


The new 2018 BMW M6 is said to come with shallow and better glasshouse look with a revised and dynamic roofline. Rumor has it that if you want to see the new M6, you can look at the 4 Series coupe. Expect to see C-pillar structure with two door style, along with the stretched roofline flowing to the back that looks better with the short overhang on the back. Some other wild rumors even say that there will be a little mix from Aston Martin design.

But if you see from the rendering images, you should see the sleek (but big) taillights with slim headlights. It is possible to expect the kidney grille design along with the side air breather and larger air intake. It is likely that chrome cover and accessories will be included in the design so the atmospheres of elegance, luxury, and class are well preserved and achieved.

Engine and Specs

This model is coming with xDrive all wheel system with the rear axle design inspired from the new 7 Series type. Expect a drastic weight loss up to 200 kilograms with the new arrangements and construction. Although BMW hasn’t said anything official about the engine arrangement, a lot of people have predicted that twin turbocharged V8 engine will likely be used, paired with the seven speed automatic transmission.  Can you imagine the beauty of 2018 BMW M6?