2018 BMW X3 Refreshed Look


If you take a good look at the 2018 BMW X3, you will see stylish, modern, and rather aggressive model – all in a positive tone, really. All the curves and lines seem to fall on the right place, with the fashionable design cues and styling accents. The SUV will be coming with improved comfort and features without compromising handling, style, power, and performance. There is a reason why this line is becoming everyone’s favorite and Beemer is about to give more reasons to fall in love with this handy SUV.

Release Date and Price

Beemer has decided that they are going to give their new X3 a refreshed design to improve not only the style but also the comfort and usage. If everything goes as planned, this SUV will be introduced in August 2017. A month later, the company will introduce this SUV during Frankfurt Auto Show. BMW has planned the sale to start around March 2018 – with no further details and news about the price.


BMW has been careful in planning and designing this third gen X3 and they have been carefully thinking about the most correct platform and construction. The new 2018 BMW X3 will be built on the modular flexible system with the rear wheel driving technology that affects the interior cabin, the space inside the cabin, and also the seating arrangement. The overall changes are designed to make sure better comfort and more flexible variability that affects handling and control. And with the high-quality material, you can expect a lighter outcome. The new X3 is said to be 100 kilos than the current model.

Exterior Design

For the exterior appeal, BMW has made some rendering images, including the front side fascia adapted from the combination of 5 Series G30 and X1. The compact dimension will remain design. Beemer won’t change the stocky built and look either. But since they are going to include a new feature for pedestrian safety technology, the front side design has to be altered. On the back, the one piece taillamp and lower roofline on the rear quarter design are some of the changes happening to this 2018 X3.

Interior Cabin

You should also expect a more exclusive cabin with premium quality, along with high tech safety control, advanced telematics, and also refreshed comfort. BMW is thinking about the extended wheelbase of the new 2018 BMW X3 for other markets, such as China.