2018 BMW X5: The Sleek Modern Ride


If you are looking at the image of 2018 BMW X5, you will see a good looking ride with solid construction and sturdy stance. There is, somehow, a unique blend of classic and modern in this ride and you can see that there is a lingering elegance despite of the modern look. The new X5 may look tough and strong but there is also a spot of softness and gracefulness.


According to BMW, they are planning on upgrading the ride, improving not only its function but also its style and power. One of the major changes that they are going to do is to improve the engine and possible have a new engine arrangement. There has been a rumor saying that this SUV has a short lifecycle before it is going to undergo a major upgrade and it seems that it is true. Besides the engines, expect some other improvements to happen for the ride.


A new platform will be used for this 2018 BMW X5; the same platform used for the X7. Does it mean that they will look similar? Not necessarily. They are using the same platform but it doesn’t mean that they are going the same design and construction too. BMW plans to use the Spartannburg manufacturing plant to produce both the X5 and X7 together although they will be released in a different schedule and time frame. According to some reliable sources, the exterior look will still retain the old look of the X5 so you shouldn’t expect too much of a change with this one.

Interior Cabin

Besides the engine, the interior cabin of 2018 BMW X5 will also get some refreshing improvement. Infotainment system will be improved, along with the drivetrain and also the lighter construction. Of course, the interior cabin will house the same comfort and plush luxury but expect a better access, arrangement, and sensation with the new SUV.


It is likely that the new SUV will be coming with the straight six 3.0 liter capacity engine that is delivering 320 hp of power. It is replacing the old N55 unit that is considered less powerful and less agile. The new engine is said to have a better fuel consumption as well as producing less emission. It is still unclear whether BMW will be coming with other plans for the engine but for now, their plan for the new 2018 BMW X5 is enough.