2018 BMW X7: The Promising Luxury SUV


If you are thinking about having a totally functional, stylish, and powerful SUV with generous space in the interior cabin, you should probably consider having the upcoming 2018 BMW X7. The ride is said to be bigger because BMW believes that bigger is better. So, what is the next improvement you can expect from this new X7?


The third row may not a big deal but it becomes a trending topic when it is used in the X7. The full sized SUV will be coming with the third row seat – with the additional luxury – that can accommodate 7 adult passengers. You can imagine the spacious space inside the cabin.

The reason why Beemer is thinking about having such a third row seats to accommodate more people is because the sales of X7 has been idle – compared to the ones made by Mercy or Cadillac. And they are thinking that maybe more people will like them more if the new 2018 BMW X7 is coming with more room for the family – without compromising style, luxury, or power. And they come with this arrangement.

Engine and Performance

BMW wants the engine arrangement for this X7 to somehow imitate the one used in the 7 Series sedan, which means that it is going to come with inline six turbocharged 3.0 liter engine delivering 320 hp of power. And that’s for the entry model only. For the top line, expect the powerful V8 twin turbocharged 4.4 liter engine delivering 445 hp of power. It is also possible that hybrid engine, diesel and gas-electric engine will also be used. Is it possible that Beemer is going to use the V12 type? It seems that it is unlikely, except for the Russian market and probably some of the USA too.

This 2018 BMW X7 is going to face some of the toughest competitors like QX80 from Infiniti, Escalade from Cadillac, GLS-Class from Mercy, Lincoln Navigator, and also LX570 from Lexus.

Release Date and Price

BMW has planned to reveal this X7 in one of the global motor shows events during the first quarter of 2017. It is likely that they are going to do it in Geneva Show in March. Production will follow by the late 2017. And since the SUV is designed as an exclusive family ride with all the benefits to enjoy, starting price is around $70,000 for the base model. Expect to spend around $125,000 for the top line of this 2018 BMW X7.