2018 Camry Redesign: The Enhanced Features


There has been some news about the new 2018 Camry redesign, expected to make the new line better, more stylish, and more appealing. Not only the redesigned work happens on the exterior appearance, it is likely that the changes also happen on the engine and some of the trims. What can you expect from the new redesign project anyway?

Updated Plans

On the contrary to what people have speculated and predicted, the 2018 Camry redesign will likely happening on a dramatic edge. Considering that the Camry has been considered as the mega star of the auto industry (as well as one of the most popular and more liked) sedan line, it is pretty understandable why Toyota has been considering the updates and the changes.

For the new eight generation mid size sedan, the new Camry will get a completely platform instead of only a restyled and a refreshing touchup. With a new arrangement for lower gravity center, a longer wheelbase, and a new redesigned appearance, Toyota is sure that the new Camry will be a better good looking than ever. The lower gravity center is designed to improve fuel efficiency and also aerodynamic of the vehicle. With also lower height for the cowl, dashboard, and hood, the outward visibility is expected to improve too.


For the mechanical feature, the new 2018 Camry redesign will be coming with the basic four cylinder engine with 2.5 liter capacity and the optional V6 engine with 3.5 liter capacity. Both of the engines will be matched with the auto transmission – just like what happened to Sienna and Highlander.

The redesign project also happens to Camry hybrid –with four cylinder hybrid engine, matched to the CVT transmission and fuel save system. So far, the exact number for the horsepower and the fuel economy system haven’t been informed. Camry is divided into four different trims but the sporty one will have a unique modification with the 19 inch wheels – making it look different from the base LE and the higher trim XLE.

Redesign and Interior Cabin

You can be sure that the new Camry will also have a redesigned part on the interior cabin. The redesigned front seat and the improved premium materials will include in the changes. The back seat is said to be roomier too. Infotainment system will be improved with the 7 inch display screen, the navigation system, and the improved center console. With the new 2018 Camry redesign project, the lines should be better and more promising to drive.