2018 Camry Redesign: The Improved Styling


The idea about 2018 Camry redesign will definitely make the vehicle look different and new with a slight twist. There will be something new as well as something kept. Toyota has decided that they are going to refresh the look so this mid-size sedan will be as good as new. However, they have also decided that some of the signature style will remain and they won’t do anything about it. Even with the slight changes, a lot of people are quite positive that Camry will remain stylish and functional as ever.

Redesign and the Updates

There are some key points in the 2018 Camry redesign such as the improved engine, the improved features, and also new styles for the exterior look. Toyota will keep the mid-size design with its front wheel driving system and the ability to accommodate five adult passengers comfortably. However, Toyota believes that a new comfort is needed and a new dynamic is necessary for the driving comfort. Not only there will be new styles and designs for the interior cabin, but some of the features will also improve. Some of the safety features will be the standard, like the autonomous emergency brake. And surprisingly, the four cylinder turbocharged machine will be the priority, replacing the V6 – or rumor says so.


There are some good reasons for Toyota for making this 2018 Camry redesign. Aside from refresh and reenergize the mid-size sedan, they are seriously looking at their 2016 data sales where they suffer from 9.5% of decline. Buyers were more appealed to the SUVs and crossover, leaving the mid-size sedans bereft and lonely. Although Camry still leads the sales during this period, Toyota feels that they need to do something about it or more people will be leaving them for the sake of other cars.

Redesign Model

What can you expect from the new Camry, anyway? Well, for a start, it comes with a refreshed style with new creases and curves that will add the sexiness and visual appeal. The new design is somewhat more athletic and sportier with the fastback taper, shorter roofline, and also lower hoodline. The grille is different with bigger air intake and new look that will make the overall new appearance look better – more fashionable in a sense. With all these changes going on and the updates of the engine options, hopefully that this 2018 Camry redesign won’t disappoint anyone.