2018 Chevy Volt and the Newest Good Features


Volt has gained its positive name as one of the toughest and most efficient green vehicles and the new 2018 Chevy Volt shouldn’t be different from the previous lines. Although Volt’s existence hasn’t gone so long in the history, the car has managed to set up a platform for green car in such an impressive way. It is only logical if we expect more and more of its winning features to be improved and made better.


Chevy was successfully developing the green car and introduced the ride in 2011. That first generation of the green car was surprisingly a huge success, changing the green car platform and situation. More and more people are attracted to the vehicle, sparking the invention of other green vehicles in the line. And now, Chevy has decided that they are going to make a better update for the new line. With the release of 2018 Chevy Volt as the second generation vehicle, Chevy promises that this one will come with a whole new improved features. There are changes on the design as well as the performance without compromising the original concept and structure. If you take a look at the image, you will see that the new Volt is definitely a good looking ride – and some of the improvements are really worth to wait.


So, what can you expect from the new 2018 Chevy Volt, anyway? First of all, the design will be made fresh and refined, with smooth contour, refined silhouette, and buffed construction. It is said that the new ride won’t only lighter up to 20 pounds but the new battery pack will be able to accommodate more power capacity – up to 20%. When you charge the car in a full mode, you can reach 53 miles before the battery drainage happens, which means that the new EV range is increased up to 40%.


Just like before, the new Volt will be coming with gas and electric engines. The gas engine is the direct injection type with 1.5 liter capacity that will kick in by the time the electric power runs out. When you combine both of the engines, you can reach 420 miles of ranges, which is an improvement from last year’s ability, which was 380 miles. The electric engine alone is lighter when compared to the old one (try 100 pounds) with direct connection to front wheels. The electric motor has a smart management; it can work in tandem with the other engine and it can also be activated while the other is inactive. For this 2018 Chevy Volt, the tag price will start from $34,000

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