2018 Chrysler 200: The Appeal in Mid-Size Sedan Segment


Chrysler 300 has been known as the big sedan that is undergoing a development stage but there is also a new improvement for the new 2018 Chrysler 200. In fact, the model is quite popular for the mid-size sedan line awaited for new improvements and developments in the making – especially for the interior as well as exterior.

Changes and Updates

If you don’t really like the big sedan type, like the 300, the 200 will be your best option. The mid-size dimension is considered perfect and it has earned its position in European and American auto markets. For the new generation, the 2018 Chrysler 200 will be coming with fresh designs – with updates for the exterior and also interior.Engine

There hasn’t been any official release about the types of engine used to for the sedan. It is unclear whether the company will be using the four cylinder machine or the V6 type, considering that both of them have been mentioned many times before. It is possible, though, that the smaller 2.4 liter engine will be used in the basic trim while the higher trim may get the V6 engine with 3.6 liter capacity.

Whatever engine arrangement that Chrysler chooses, they have come up with the perfect configuration that feels fit for the production. But whatever configuration they have in mind, they are going to pair the engine type with automatic nine speed transmission. For the fuel economy system, the new 2018 Chrysler 200 is able to have 35 mpg for the highway (for the small engine) while the higher V6 type has 22 mpg for the city.


The good style of the 200 has always been the highlight of the design but there is going to be a new improvement and upgrades for the new 200. More equipment and also features will be included in the new design. Comfort and infotainment will definitely improve, with the u-Connect system and USB connectivity. Newer trims will be offered, including the 200C, 200S, and LX. The focus of improvement will be done on the interior side while the exterior won’t be having too extravagant changes.

If there are changes on the exterior side of the upcoming 2018 Chrysler 200, they will be very slight and minor. Headlights and grille may change a bit but the sleek lines will remain. The wheel base will be just the same, along with 18 inch (and possible 19 inch) wheels. For the higher trim, ventilation, sunroof, power seat, and more will be included.

Price and Release Date

There hasn’t been any exact confirmation about the release date of the new mid-size sedan but it is highly possible that it should be available around the third quarter of 2017 – if the company doesn’t change the plan. For the current LX model, the price will probably remain at around $22,000. For the higher trim, the 200C, the price may be around $31,000 – or more. After all, you should expect the slight increase of the new 2018 Chrysler 200.